I really struggled when making this website whether to add a blog or not.  Then I had a slap your forehead moment.  How can I claim to be consultant for developing community and social media if I am not a participant myself?  This is not a new feeling for me, since I started working in social I have wanted to be the OZ behind the scenes.  I started a blog once but like many out there I didnt make it long and a week between posts turned into a month.  A month turned into a year.

I realized that I wasn’t following the formula that I myself taught to people about how to blog.

So that is what I am going to do with this blog.

The high level thing I’m going to write about is community building.  I’m going to walk step-by-step through the community strategy process and write a blog about each topic.  When put together the series should be a good guide to someone who is starting out and I hope it helps!

Right now as I’m writing this noone knows I even have a website yet so my hopes for engagement are low, but I really would like to get some discussion going on these topics as I write them

Hope you enjoy, the first post will be up sometime next week.  This weekend is comic con here in Dallas so there is no way I’m starting now!