Community 101 – Incorporating File Sharing in your Community Strategy

The unfortunate truth about file sharing and community is that most community that has built up around file sharing is illegal.  From the early days of Napster to the more recent trends of Bit Torrent sharing media files make up the bulk of this type of community.  I have many opinions around this as I, […]

Community 101 – Leveraging Wiki’s as Part of Your Community Strategy

When most people think of wikis they think of Wikipedia.  Wikipedia is a community, although many people don’t see it as that.  It is a community of people who have come together to write the world’s largest encyclopedia.  Think about how much it has changed things, we no longer have a set of books on […]

Community 101 – Blogging Integration Strategy

Jokes aside this will not be a blog about blogging.  There are some great resources out there you can leverage to learn how to create engaging content.  In this blog we are going to talk about how to effectively integrate blogging into your overall Community strategy. While considered Social Media because the majority of the […]

Community 101 – How Forums Fit Into Your Community Strategy

When a lot of people think about Community they jump straight to forums.  But the reality is that forums are just a tool in the community toolbox.  To use an analogy, if you think about a plumbers toolbox the tool he uses the most is probably his wrench, forums are the most common tool used […]

Community 101 – Getting Started: Measuring Your Communities Health

This blog post isn’t going to talk about Social ROI, the dreaded discussion that every Social Media professional faces.  I can’t tell you how many conferences I have sat at and discussed and debated the topic of ROI.  From my perspective social ROI is simple, you get to talk directly with your customers.  Anyone who […]

Community 101 – Getting Started: Branding Your Community

When most people think about brands they think about logos, but logos are only the surface level “identity” of a brand.  On a broad scale I like to define brand as “what people say about you to other people”  This is my poor man’s take on net promoter system.  When it comes to a community’s […]

Community 101 – Getting Started: Where is My Community Now?

In this post were going to talk about identifying your Community membership and finding out where they are today. Before we start talking about that though, I want to level set on the 90-9-1 rule of social media.  It states that 1% of people will be your primary contributors, they’ll be the most active, typically […]

Community 101 – Getting Started: Understanding What Community Really Is

A lot of the times when I have been brought on to work on a project the “type” of community has already been decided and often times those deciding don’t understand what Community really is.  Because of this I decided that the first post of my blog series should be about level setting and explaining […]