I learned a valuable lesson with the creation of this website.

Years ago I had an online portfolio that I created using members.aol.com.  It was a choose your template, choose your color and then fill it out type of page.  Looked like a site right out of the 90’s.  When I was applying to jobs I would refer to the website and I impressed some people.  At that time there weren’t many people creating personal websites so I was unique.  The web has come a long way since then.

For years I have worked in internet marketing, developing strategies and programs to market products, optimize sales & support and enhance user experience.  While I understood the technology I also felt that it has lapped my skill set.  Sure I could define the strategy but actually doing any of the work?  Hell I hadn’t done anything like that in 10 years!

I have been doing some consulting lately and my patron asked me to create him a quick website, I had no clue where to start.  I quickly learned that a site like justhost.com with a one click wordpress plugin, a gallery of really cool templates and some clicking around I had created a pretty decent looking site.  From there I decided it was time to make one for my own like I had all those years ago.

And here it is!

So what I learned was this.  Don’t ever think you can’t do something.  With a few hours of reading I had this all figured out!  The web, social media, community it can all seem daunting to the beginner but it’s a step by step process.  I had a meeting this week with a very prominent former government official and he something that really applies here.

“You realize you are trying to dissect an elephant here right?  Just remember…start with the tail and work your way back”