Public Speaking & Training

I LOVE public speaking and developing and executing training programs.

I would be happy to speak at your next event, conference or develop and conduct a training program for your team.  

I have presented as a Digital Marketing Specialist at BlogWell and The Big Social as well a dozen or more private conferences.

As an expert in Digital Marketing I can present topics like Web Development, eCommerce, Search Engine Optimzation, Process & Project Management, and many more topics!

As a Social Media Speaker I can present topics or develop training for many areas including – Developing a Community Strategy, Globalization, Engagement, Sales/Support Integration, Gamification, Process Integration, and more!

In addition I am a passionate follower and believer in Dr. Donald Cliton’s “Psychology of Strengths” and can introduce the topic to your organization and train your team how to effectively use it.

I can cater a topic to your audience or event theme and even work to develop the collateral with you.

Video of my Presentation at BlogWell Dallas 2012 with Aimee Kalnoskas